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Under the Bed: Chapter 4

Story by Mark Figueroa (anthony_abyss) | Featured art by: Salem Jaeger @theforgottenpen Tree branches spread like veins across the sky, covering clouds and the full, orange moon. I sit in the living room, waiting for black mist to signal Őfelsége’s presence. So far, it’s been like every other offering night. The air’s thick and charged … Continue reading Under the Bed: Chapter 4

No Need to Write You A love Song

High beams passed along the Riverside highway, shimmering in brilliant beauty, illuminating the pavement. Waves crashing under the evening sky created a steady rhythm resembling soft chatter. Kalcyphir leaned over the rail, staring into the Hudson. He examined the abyss for his own reflection, incapable of seeing nothing but the shimmering darkness that will eventually … Continue reading No Need to Write You A love Song

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