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Gazing into the abyss

Emery looks at his hands. He pauses. It can’t be undone. The stench of rust assaults his nostrils. Emery exhales. A breeze blows past, swaying grass and rustling branches. Emery flicks his wrist and conjures a small humanoid. The creature stumbles, then stands. Some hope. Maybe there’s a chance that things can still be fixed. … Continue reading Gazing into the abyss

The ‘O’ Juice

Vergil sits in his living twirling his empty ice-filled glass. He sighs. “One more. Just one more sip.” He reclines in favorite chair. Stained, tattered cloth worn at the edges and faded from years of urine, drug abuse and the sporadic romances Vergil often emptied his bank account for. Thirsty, hungry, horny and penniless, Vergil … Continue reading The ‘O’ Juice

Heartlands: Moment of Clarity

By: Mark Figueroa | Twitter: @anthony_abyss The Heartland, a large county in North Western Jersey, is composed of several small suburbs and tranquil towns, like the illustrious snow-covered Thatcher Township, and peaceful Harwaven. Rich in culture and diversity, and best known for its oddities, the Heartlands are also home to the “Nànan Wàbi”, or the … Continue reading Heartlands: Moment of Clarity

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