The Creature

They say there’s a creature more terrifying than the monsters tucked away in the dark recesses of our minds. Stealing the souls of those who wander for their own sustenance, the creature is the bane of every Voidal denizen’s being; a repulsive, repugnant ne’er-do-weller with an abysmal moral compass. It prays on the meek. It swallows the devotees of the sacred religion whole. It is a plague.

Those who traverse the rift between the physical and metaphysical world are met with the savage injustice of the creature as it places its claw on their foreheads then proceeds to sever a Voidal resident’s ability to use their natural abilities. Flight becomes impossible, consumption becomes minimal and the will to live disappears.

You would do wise to avoid any interaction with this thing, this creature who uses its overabundant power to smite the innocent.

This is a reference to my upcoming book. Stay tuned for info!

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