Gazing into the abyss

Emery looks at his hands. He pauses. It can’t be undone. The stench of rust assaults his nostrils. Emery exhales. A breeze blows past, swaying grass and rustling branches. Emery flicks his wrist and conjures a small humanoid. The creature stumbles, then stands. Some hope. Maybe there’s a chance that things can still be fixed. Maybe, with just a little bit of energy, everything could be restored. Emery smiles. Atonement does exist. It can exist; otherwise, what’s the point. How can anyone have all of this power and not be able to bring back the dead?

Unfortunately, it’s never that simple.

Emery’s pygmy takes several more steps. Each movement forward becomes more difficult. The small golem crumbles, struggling against the wind like a roach before being crushed and pressed into the ground. The short-lived figure fades into the wind. Puny and no match for the even the slightest breeze. Emery swallows his tears and stares at dozen contorted corpses, sprawled along the streets. Kalcyphir looks down. He raises his hand, extending a finger. A boy so young still has his life ahead of him. There has to be something I can say. “Hey, kid… Emery… about your mother… About the city… I–uh, I…” Kalcyphir says, his eyes fixed on the ground. A comforting tension builds. Nothing comes out of Kalcyphir’s lips. Elles places her small, soft hand into his. The couple stares at Emery. “What he means to say, mon ami, is that, he is sorry,” Elles says, leaning against her soulmate. She rubs Kalcyphir’s arm.

“What are you going to do?” Kalcyphir asks Emery, while caressing Elles’ gentle palm. I can’t keep avoiding the kid’s eyes. Kalcyphir exhales, glancing at Emery. A tall blue man with long black hair and a long black beard approaches the trio. His divine, pale blue skin illuminates the air around him. He places his hand on Emery’s shoulder and looks at Kalcyphir and Elles.

Kalcyphir, try as he might, still begins to squirm. Elles curtseys, going with the flow. It is what one does in the face of a god, no?

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