Heartlands: Snow White

By: Mark Figueroa | Twitter: @anthony_abyss

The Heartland, a large county in North Western Jersey, is composed of several small suburbs and tranquil towns, like the illustrious snow-covered Thatcher Township, and peaceful Harwaven. Unknown to the inhabitants of Heartland County, there are many wonders and mysteries lurking around their suburbs. 

Every morning at 8 am sharp, Blanche Graupel, begins her intense, but necessary morning routine, or so she believes. She flails awake to the rattling of her alarm clock as she’s yanked out of a mediocre sleep. Her assistants ensure she’s well-nourished, polished and ready for the excitement of the day.

Unfortunately, everything Blanche knows is the result of an accident that occured when she was used as a guinea pig for a covert operation.

In reality, Codename: Blanche Graupel, lives in a laboratory. She is not an actress, but a subject in various experiments. Because of her unique abilities, Blanche has to wear a special containment collar that keeps her electromagnetic field contained. Without it, her atoms vibrate at fluctuating frequencies and slip through states of matter and dimensions. At night, her collar is calibrated to allow her body to vibrate at higher-than-human levels, but below 900HZ. As long as she remains below 900HZ, the collar can confine Codename: Blanche’s molecules to within human levels. Scientists use her fluctuating sleeping states to learn more about existence.

Each morning, her collar auto-calibrates itself to 10 HZ, ripping her molecules from different realities and wavelengths and slapping them back together. While contained as a solid human, Blanch performs daily exercises, learning and a usual wellness routine. Her days are heavily monitored by government and private scientists representing various groups. In her mind, they are her assistants but in reality, they are just men and women using the tool at their disposal to uncover the secrets of existence, so that a government or corporate entity can find a way to profit either with money or military might.

Several years ago, Grace Winten (now known as Blanche Graupel), was on track to be the valedictorian at her high school. Years of doing homework beside her father, an engineer for one of the largest manufacturer’s in the world, had exposed her to propulsion systems, navigation arrays and efficient engineering. By the time she was 14, Grace had invented a solar-powered vehicle. After some innocent Youtube videos were published, lobbyists for the automotive industry threatened her family with slanderous allegations of child abuse, sexual abuse and other unproven charges. They dropped all the charges when Grace’s parents agreed that their daughter’s “experiment” was the intellectual property of Global Motors inc. After this event, Grace and many other children around the world were secretly tracked and monitored by a US-led covert operation to groom the world’s most gifted children.

In 2019, after being invited to a house party by her love interest at the time, she tried cocaine, or what some call “Snow White”. From cocaine, she moved on to harder substances like ketamine, crack and heroin, eventually finding a resonating home with meth. Still living at home with her parents, Grace would receive some of the best rehabilitation services her parents could afford, but to no avail. After long stints in rehab, she would inevitably find her way into the clutches of a man whose sensibilities had been stunted from generations of fetal alcohol syndrome, poor mental hygiene, xenophobia and corporate-controlled poverty. Years of trash television and shallow entertainment framed this as her ideal type. Unbeknownst to the family who still searches for her, she is now the property of a drug dealer named Franklin K. Bramble, heir to the Bramble Empire of fast food, several nationwide local politicians, majority shareholder of several news and entertainment networks and, his family legacy, Bramble Pharmaceuticals.

The party Grace Winton attended while still in high school was actually part of the covert operation known as the Vigilant Organization of Tomorrow’s Emissaries or “VOTE”. Code name Snow White, because of its resemblance to cocaine, was a neuro-enhancer that was meant to allow individuals to increase their perception of reality in order to create tools and devices that would allow modern science to better explore the unknown. Bramble Pharmaceuticals was one of the members of VOTE. An operator within VOTE pretended to be one of Grace’s schoolmates. She met him during summer vacation during a random trip with her family. They bonded over living in the same town and having the same interests. Little did Grace know, the boy she was talking to was a longtime recruit of VOTE who had maintained a teenage appearance, despite being well into his 40s.

Using his intellect and covert knowledge, he seduced her and got her to consume Snow White. Unfortunately, Grace’s mind, a very creative one that could substantiate abstract reasoning with hard logic, did not interact well with the drug. Over the years, the drug and her erratic behavior would make her seem like she was progressing on to harder drugs. Her “rehab visits” were fronts for experiments. Her spiral into intellectual madness continued, and she eventually began exhibiting strange abilities that extended beyond intelligence alone. Her abilities were detectable by heat and electromagnetic readings. On multiple occasions, in order to save her family, the organization abducted her until they could quelle her fluctuating power.

For the first time in years, Codename: Blanche Graupel will open her eyes. The consequences will prove disastrous.

Three scientists walk into Blanche’s monitoring room. It’s a small space filled with panels and controls. On the other side of a large thick glass, a mist of glitter hovers in the center of a laboratory that resembles a sterile bedroom.

A scientist flips a switch and the particles form into a person made of static. The particles merge into a young woman in her early 20s, her skin rapidly changing colors until settling on a light shade of purple. Long and white, silky hair extends to her waist.

“How do you feel, Blanche?” a scientist asks through the intercom.

Blanche smiles. 


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