The Cloak of Nothing: Chapter 8

by Mark Figueroa | Featured Art by A Forgotten Pen at @theforgottenpen

Chapter 8: Darkness.

“Aiven?” I ask. Why can’t I walk? “Aiven!”

Thump! Thump! Thump! A huge silhouette stands under a flickering light. “Raagh!” It bellows. Its eyes burn through the darkness.

“Aiven!” What do I do—What do I do! “Aiven!”

“Relax,” Aiven says, emotionless. He’s transparent. Light traces his figure. Aiven waves his hand, and a force yanks me up. “Why am I just floating here?! Aiven! Move me!–Move me!”

“Arrghrwaaaawrgh!” The beast roars. Thud!

“Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!” This is real! “Aiven, come on!”

“Try running, you idiot,” Aiven’s disembodied voice echoes across the vacuum.

I sprint into the darkness, finally able to move.

“Eerawwghhhh!” thump! Bang! Boom! Thud! Thud! Thud!

I can’t see anything! Where the hell am I going?! “I’m not touching the ground!” I shriek, regaining my footing. I stumble around, losing all sense of direction. No! No! No! “I think I’m turning around!” No! “Aiven, I could really use your help!”

“Graaaagh!” Oh no! It just got darker than the darkness. It’s getting closer! Two angry yellow eyes violate the space between us. It’s charging!

“Shit! Aiven? Aiven!?” I slide, then break into a sprint. There’s so much adrenaline coursing through me! I feel like I’m made of bricks!

The behemoth thrashes behind me.

“Here!” Aiven’s disembodied voice echoes. He materializes ahead of me.

Oh no! He’s lifting me up again! “Aiven, stop! I can’t move!”

“You idiot!” Aiven responds. “I told you, relax!” He sticks his palm up. “You need to calm down.” Light surrounds my body. He pulls me toward him.

“Whoa-ah-ahhhh!” I yelp. I’m gonna’ be sick! I’m upside down and he’s moving me extremely fast. Just how far is he?!

Aiven and the light become brighter. A spectral orb encapsulates me.

“What the hell is that thing?!” I shriek. The behemoth’s black porcelain body enters the light’s sphere. Universes—hundreds of them! All moving beneath its skin! It’s like the other shadow people!  “It’s one of them! Isn’t it?!”

“Graagh!” It roars. Oh my God! It’s like a giant iguana with a bear’s head. “Aiven… Aiven! What do I do?!” I’m hovering upside down, frozen in the center of the orb. What the hell can I do?!

The monster rushes at me again.

Aiven tugs me away.

“Whoa!” I shriek, smiling. I’m hovering over the behemoth. It’s snarling and shrieking simultaneously. “That thing almost killed me, Aiven!” I shout.

“But it didn’t.” Aiven’s voice comes from all around me. It’s comforting. “Look, Em’, there isn’t much I can do here,” He says. “Your body and spirit are between the physical and metaphysical realms. You need to get close to that creature. I’ll use you as a conduit and we’ll send it back to The Void.”

“What?” I look around frantically. Aiven levitates me in place. I glare at him. “Close to it?! Are you high?! I’m not getting anywhere near that thing!”

“You’ll be stuck here until you die!” Aiven roars.

“Fine!” Screw this! This is bullshit! “Tell me what to do?!”

“Hold up your palm and I’ll do the rest,” Aiven responds calmly. His eyes look scary. He hurls me at the beast. “Wait for it to charge at you and just aim your palm at its forehead!”

The monster shrieks. It lunges.

“Now!” Aiven shouts. His power flows through me. This is amazing.

I instinctively extend my arm and open my hand. Blue and white specks of light swirl around my palm. It’s coming! Shit! Shit! Shit! I hope this works! “Fucker!” I yell. “Come here, you ugly bastard!” These damn things! I’m tired of these creatures! “I’m going to kill you!”

“No!” Aiven wails. He becomes transparent. His aura flashes like a star in the distance. “Y—u can’t ki—”

The soothing light around my palm turns bright red.

“Em-r-y! E-r-y! -M-!!!” Aiven screams. He completely fades. The sphere of light protecting me contracts.

“Agh!” My chest burns! “Ah! Ragh! Aiven! Ahh! I’m falling!” I gotta’ do something! I extend my arms. “Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on, where’s the light!” Shit, it’s close!

Thump! “Rauuuuuuughhhhhhhhhwwwwk!” Thud! Crash!

Fuck! I’m gonna’ die, but not like a bitch! “Come on! Come—”



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