The Cloak of Nothing: Chapter 24

by Mark Figueroa | Featured Art by A Forgotten Pen at @theforgottenpen

Chapter 24: I just want to say, I hope you’re okay.

“Aside from all the chaos and uncertainty, we also fear that his time is upon us.  The fragment within you, for example, would have rendered you an invincible zombie searching for the rest of Aemon, were it not for the cloak,” Kanti says solemnly.

God dammit! Why me? This whole time… that darkness… those Nothing…

“As you already know, the Nothing are not evil beings, Young Emery,” Kanti tells me, very frank. “Like other low-resonance consuming beings, they cannot control themselves in the presence of negatively-polarized energy existing within humans. In the Abyss, food is simply food, but upon finding a human victim, Nothing typically devour the soul, possess the body and assume the host’s identity, spreading negativity. In turn, they devour all souls connected to the host and control multiple human corpses at once.”

I check my watch.  WED: DEC. 23. 12:05:02 a.m. We’ve been talking an eternity, but it’s barely been 10 minutes, or at least it felt like 10 minutes.

Etriyenne stares at me. “I think this is a good stopping point. We will be here forever…” she flashes an empty, pain-filled smile at Achron. I wipe a warm tear from my cheek. “We do not need to eat or sleep,” Etriyenne says. “There is no concept of time for us. Learn to traverse Olacium Sorti and I will give you all of the assistance I can. I promise.”

“But I—” I feel a gentle pull on my hood. My vision blurs. Huh?… a computer, bed with blue sheets, Beau Noir Media poster, and… my window. I guess that’s that. “I really wish you would have said something first, Kanti. That wasn’t cool…”

Kanti sits beside me as I stare at the streetlight that almost cost me my left arm last night. “Patience, Young Emery.  I feel as though the day had brought enough excitement and information. Though Etriyenne and Archon dared not admit it, you possess the same knowledge that they do.”

“So?! I really—I just—It was so!” I inhale and exhale heavily. “Never mind… Just never mind.”

Kanti puts his head down as I fall backwards onto my mattress. He walks around the frame then lays down between the bed frame and the door.  Kanti yawns. He makes his way to the foot of my bed.

I dematerialize the cloak. My phone vibrates before I can toss all of my clothes off: “20% battery.” I just became a god, killed my brother and discovered an uber-god is attached to my soul… Who cares about charging a freakin’ phone! A dialogue box reads “Unread text messages. One missed call.” What’s this?

I swipe down.

They’re all… from Roslyn?

6:53 pm: “I’m outside. Just shouted for you.”

6:55 pm: “Call me or meet me by my fence door.”

7:02 pm: “I’m sitting in the gazebo in backyard.”

7:45 pm: “It’s really cold ( -_-) I’m going inside.”

8:51 pm: “Are you okay?”

10:31 pm: “Sorry I missed you earlier. Are you home? ( -_-)”

12:15 am: “Good night, jerk =/ ”

Missed Call: Roslyn: 12:01 am.

What the hell? I’m so confused. Did I text her?

I scroll up on the text thread:

6:52 pm: “I walked around Saddle River Park. I’ve had a lot on my mind. I’m close to your house, if you wanna’ talk and stuff. I’d really appreciate the company.”

Aiven sent this when he whispered into the wind…

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for the next chapter!

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