The Cloak of Nothing: Chapter 34

by Mark Figueroa | Featured Art by A Forgotten Pen at @theforgottenpen

Chapter 34: Me name’s, Raunch. This is me dog, Scruff.

This is pretty straight forward. I overpower its grip and place my hand over its forehead. “Be gone!” 

The kid stares awkwardly.

“Evil spirit, I banish you to whence you cameth from!” Gah, what the hell am I saying? I don’t even know if this is an evil spirit. “Cloak power! I Banish thee!” I shout, animated, but unconvincing.

“Ahe you daft?” The boy asks, gently removing my palm from its head. His eyes are normal: they’re hazel. The color of skin goes from a paper white to a normal pale skin tone. “The dowg asked me to lend’you a hond, he did. Says you would also halp me crossovah’ to be wif’ me mom.”

“I guess, that is what I’m supposed to do… this is kind of sudden. What was with all the theatrics anyway? You could’ve just told me what this was about.”

“Had yew goin’ din’t I? Well, I thought it was roight, riot. Me name’s, Raunch. On account of me mom said I was a raunchy rapscallion, she did. I can’t remember me real name.”

What the hell is going on here? “Kanti!” I call out. “Kanti! I am confused! And, I need to eat dinner soon.”

Kanti rises from the ground. “Mymud was a bit too tough of a challenge, being that it was birthed of my divine essence. I sought a ghost, with a pure heart who wished to crossover and asked for its assistance in helping you.”

“If’in ya fail, you’ll eat me!” Raunch laughs innocently. 

“Yea, and you’ll die.”

“O’I’m already dead. Me knickers ‘ave been on me arse since we set sail with the Dewk of Yohk. I don’ ‘ave much to suffah.”

Kanti chuckles. “Such a spritely child.”

“This is all well and great, but how am I supposed to do this?”

“Place your palm over the area emanating energy on the child’s forehead: over his mind’s eye. Focus on his essence and ask the cloak to send the child where it belongs. Your focus will channel the cloak’s energy. I cannot speak to its ease; however, you managed to become an astral being, therefore it follows that this is within your means,” Kanti says confidently. 

“Fine. Come here, Raunch.”

“Aye, aye, Cap’n!” Raunch shouts enthusiastically. “Take me to me mom!”

I smile and place my hand on Raunch’s forehead. There’s a warm sensation over his mind’s eye. 

This energy… so pure…My mind feels fuzzy and warm. I can feel Raunch’s soul. It’s just radiating with happiness. High resonance positive energy. “Are you ready, Raunch?”

“M-hm!” Raunch eagerly smiles and nods. 

“Good,” a shrill voice says through my lips.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for the next chapter!

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