The Cloak of Nothing: Chapter 41

by Mark Figueroa | Featured Art by A Forgotten Pen at @theforgottenpen

Chapter 41: Only the oppressed understand a word as heavy as freedom.

My watch flashes: WED. DEC. 23 8:31:08 p.m.

I warp to Eliza’s roof and scan the neighborhood for Kanti’s presence. “I can go anywhere I can see—”

“Provided you have the capacity to focus on the details, that is.”

Stepping forward, I warp to Eliza’s neighbor’s roof. Compared to my block, her neighbors are about a house or two away from each other. “If I can use my normal sight and focus my third eye, while scanning with my second sight, I can picture about two football-fields away.” A force yanks me off the roof. 

Kanti hovers in the sky, so far above the roof, that the houses look like toys as he levitates me alongside him. “I have placed some energy in a location not too far from here. Can you detect it? Do not rely on your eyes. Use your mind’s eye while scanning with your second sight.” 

“Alright,” I respond, tightly pressing my eyes closed. I can still see since I’m an astral being, but for some reason this feels right when I’m focusing. “I can feel the direction your energy is in, but I can’t pinpoint its location. It’s like I’m using a compass.”

“Channel that energy. Turn your compass into a magnet, Young Emery.”

Easier said than done, when I’m floating against my will over a bunch of houses. I’m at a disadvantage here, Kanti. 

“You have a greater field of vision from this location, without interference from energies in between. Focus on what you can do to succeed, Young Emery. Your only disadvantage arises from a distorted, self-imposed perception and a lack of personal accountability.”

Egh. “Whatever. Fine, can you take me a little lower than. The clouds rolling through me are making me feel uneasy.” If he drops me…

Kanti chuckles. “Energy cannot lose a grip, Young Emery. It is not the frail, fingers of a physical hand.” He lowers me close enough to make out people walking around the neighborhood.

“There,” I say, pointing to well-lit street resembling the local hangout. There’re a few mom and pop shops, a Chinese food restaurant, Pizzeria, a diner and a gas-station on the corner. “Here I go!” I appear a foot behind the hostess at the diner. She smells really good. I walk through her, causing her to shiver and look around. 

There are a few patrons: an old couple sitting in the corner of the square-shaped dining area, a table with older high school kids, and a few people at the bar. I warp to Kanti’s energy: it’s in the kitchen. Not at all subtle. It’s a basketball-sized blue orb hovering at face height over the tile floor.

“Send it to whence it came, Young Emery.”

I place my palm over the orb, tracing it with a much paler blue light. It vanishes and I warp after it, to Kanti. 

“Your instincts are sharp, Young Emery,” Kanti says after I appear on the roof far beneath him. He looks like a black statue suspended in the night sky.

“What do you mean?”

“Your body will not allow you to warp where it senses danger. Since you have not mastered flight, it will not allow you to warp here,” Kanti responds, gracefully descending towards me.

“Is that good?”

“That depends on the urgency of the situation.”

Eh, I guess, that’s true. But, when will something like that happen. 

“That too depends on the actions you take. For right now, the best course of action would be to remain within earshot of your mother.” 

I nod.

“9:22 p.m.,” Kanti says before I can raise my watch. 

“I bet I can warp there before you!”

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for the next chapter!

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