The Cloak of Nothing: Chapter 47

by Mark Figueroa | Featured Art by A Forgotten Pen at @theforgottenpen

Chapter 47: Death died dead from dying… Wow… 

“That really hurt…” I groan.

 “You fell from beyond the clouds, young Emery. Your physical body will take on the injuries of your ethereal form. You will feel physical pain. I advise you to remain calm. If you cannot maintain your focus, you will resonate back to a human level, and you will die.”

“Die! But you—Are you serious?! How can I—” White spirits frozen in various poses surround me on a calming blue surface. Oh boy…  

Kanti and Achron stare down at me.

“My, my, dear boy, dead already? Just over two days?” Achron’s four faces ask in unison. He extends a finger from his mighty hand, I use it to help myself up.

“Am I actually dead?”

“You’re here. You certainly did not warp here.”

“But I… I can’t… that was so fast…” My confusion is overpowered by the hue. 

“Oh dear, such a short tragic existence,” Achron says solemnly. “I suppose this is the end of your journey… time to hand over the cloak.”

“Wait, but Kanti said I couldn’t die! What do you mean, hand over the cloak?! Don’t I have to pass it on?”

“No, you are dead. You have perished. Your physical body and corporeal body are now forever tied to Olacium Sorti Vivus,” Achron says casually. “It does happen, dear boy.”

“No! No! But—”

“Enough!” Kanti responds sharply. “Get up!” he roars. “Physical injuries do not cause real death. As long as your spirit is intact, with the cloak on, Cloak Bearer, you cannot really die! And, your physical body, despite feeling pain, is invincible! This is foolishness!”

Achron’s faces laugh. 

Funny… but creepy at the same time:  one sounds like a child, the second like a woman, his third face like a man, and his fourth… that creepy whisper. “How did you die, dear boy? Leave your body in an alley? Accidentally transcend while in water?”

“We have already established this,” Kanti sighs. “He cannot leave his physical being. It also becomes astral. He met his end from falling, then resonating back down to his physical form before recovering.”

Achron’s thirteen eyes open, gazing into my soul, “I see. Fascinating. The human brain can only feel so much before overloading the senses. Quite the quagmire.”

I sit up on the cold grass, gasping for air. I’m back behind Eliza’s house… on top of the shrubs I fell on. 

“At least when your physical form perishes, it disappears, thus avoiding attention, especially when you arise from death. Many cloak bearers have perished in public, rising from the dead in a coffin, in an injured body, only to die again from asphyxiation. 

Some have even completely lost their physical forms after having their bodies embalmed, cremated, burnt to ashes or tossed into the ocean; such occurrences usually lead them to passing the cloak on, since they would rather be able to eat, sleep and talk to others rather than live eternally as a spirit. 

Fortunately, such possibilities do not exist for you, Young Emery. Despite what transcending with your physical body means about Aemon, such a thing presents possibilities,” Kanti says. He stares at me. 

“How so?” I ask, rolling the cloak’s sleeves up, examining myself for scars or bruises.  

“Your indomitable spirit along with the cloak, are constantly healing gradually, as a result, your physical body is as well, albeit at a much slower rate. With time, you will learn to heal physical wounds.” 

“And, if I don’t?”

“There is the possibility of disappearing and then reappearing before a loved one, and losing an unprecedented amount of time in the Meta. It is now 2 a.m. Your recovery consumed three hours.”


Kanti pulls me alongside him as we hover west, away from the distant Sun.

“What happens if I die at a busy intersection and just keep coming back to the same spot? Or if I die under water?” I ask, staring at the blur of lights, houses, cars and streets below us. 

“Irrelevant, Young Emery. You will learn how to return from the Abyss as an ethereal being before going physical again.”

I guess. But, if you could tell me how, that would be nice. I swear, sometimes… “Alright…” I say, soaring between the blue and purple gradients of the atmosphere.  

We zip over a plane. “This is beyond cool! How fast are we going? Wait! How high are we?! Wait! Slow down! We’re going too fast! Too high!” My anxiety spikes and I revert to a physical form. The wind blasts my face and rips through my hair. 

“Emery!” Kanti yells as we come to a complete stop and descend slightly. “Relax!”

“I can’t die. I’m not even cold. This kind of thing can’t kill me. It’s not injuring my whole body like the fall. It’ll take a massive injury, right? Not just one thing.” 

“If someone sees you—”

The redeye flies past us slow enough for me to make eye contact with one of the pilots, see a few people sleeping through the window, and lock eyes with a few passengers in the middle and back of the plane.

Kanti sighs, and immediately chuckles.

“I know how to keep my emotions in check,” I laugh, transcending back to astral form. “I don’t know why I panicked.”

Kanti’s face is serious. “Where will we go, Cloak Bearer?”

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for the next chapter!

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