The Cloak of Nothing: Chapter 51

by Mark Figueroa aka Anthony Abyss | Featured Art by A Forgotten Pen at @theforgottenpen

Chapter 51: Who vets inner city cops? (  o_o) 

“I don’t feel the presence here. It’s nearby… but, I don’t… I was so sure…” I try to ignore the thumping coming from upstairs, but I can’t drown it out. 

Officer Dobbin’s raspy laughs echo all over the house. He repeatedly says, “Yeah. That’s right.” He moans and laughs hysterically.

“Every disappointment is not a soul crushing failure, Young Emery. Rise up, move on. Be better than the human you made me resuscitate. You saved her and she disregarded her second chance. Nothing more can be done.”

We hover over the neighborhood. The crystal senses the Nothing from Aysia’s house. Again? 

I sigh, descending to her lawn. 

Kanti hovers overhead, scanning.

Officer Dobbins walks outside grinning. He slams the door behind him. “Meth-heads. Crackheads. Mmm! All the same.” Dobbins laughs to himself. His laugh sounds like an oink mixed with a squeal. “Couldn’t even clean up ‘er vomit! Ha! This isn’t even ‘er house. I should threaten an arrest for trespassing!” He slaps his knee.

I glide through the front wall, and hover into Aysia’s room.

Sirens wail down the street. 

Aysia’s sitting cross-legged against her bed, vomit still on the floor in front of her. 

No one deserves to live like this. In this agony and misery. I can’t even look at her. I feel like crap. Sigh. I wave the crystal and sense the Nothing all around me. 

Is it possible that I overlooked something? Maybe the Nothing sensed me, and hid its presence? Th’Rut did it before. But, I was using my second sight, so he knew I could sense him. 

Unfazed by the paper plates with half eaten pizza slices, empty bottles of soda, piles of dirty laundry, and the puddle of vomit on her floor, Aysia takes Dobbins’ blue crystals out of the baggie. She lights the crystals in a pen with a bowl at the end, exhaling a thick white smoke.

Even as an astral being I smell the burning plastic. I should have let her die. No! I don’t want to think that way. I just saved her life and this is the first thing she does. She’s a waste of flesh. A disgusting, pitiful, lump of shit. I should put that druggie out of its misery. No, no, no, regardless of what the people I save, or help, do after being saved, it’s not my responsibility to judge them.

My purpose is to save, and protect souls from the Nothing, and the world from Aemon. 

Empty Emery! Empty Emery! You’re a coward! No one respects you! Devour her! She’s already dead anyway!

“Emery!” Kanti roars. “We need to leave now. The Nothing is embedded in all of the humans in the immediate area! It can see everything we do!”

When I come to my senses, Aysia’s sitting up against her bed, with a glazed look and an empty smile… my hand is an inch from her forehead with a faint red mist circling it. “It can see this then.”

“I understand your anger, but a soul that vile will hurt your physical body even more than it’ll decrease your resonance. You’ll devour the Nothing embedded within her; feeding Aemon as well. Control yourself, Young Emery. You do not want to be this creature before us.” Kanti’s head suddenly faces the front of the house. “Another human with the same Nothing embedded inside of him approaches.”

The crystal goes haywire. Gravel outside crumbles underneath a car pulling into the driveway. An alarm beeps after one car door slams shut. The front door opens, and slams. 

“Where ya’ at, baby girl!” A man with a raspy smoker’s voice yells from downstairs. “Daddy’s home!”

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for the next chapter!

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