The Cloak of Nothing: Chapter 66

by Mark Figueroa aka Anthony Abyss | Featured Art by A Forgotten Pen at @theforgottenpen

Chapter 66: It all matters.

“You see, a cloak bearer’s negativity and positivity resonate much stronger than that of a normal human, so to a Nothing, regret, sorrow, paranoia, hatred, self-pity, self-consciousness, anger, mistrust, disdain, fear, and unhappiness from a cloak bearer is a transcendental taste, or so Th’Rut said long ago. He was the only one with the gall to risk his life for victory over Monad. When Th’Rut tried to devour Monad, he—we made a horrifying discovery.” 

“What? Monad was too strong? Th’Rut didn’t have chance!” I say confidently, flicking my wrist unamused. 

Kanti ignores my interruption. “Correct, and instead, Monad began absorbing Th’Rut, against his will. Th’Rut immediately discovered that Monad’s continued consumption of Th’Rut’s essence and human souls had slightly powered the unknown fragment of Aemon residing within him. The struggle against between the three of them almost pulled Monad and Th’Rut through the rift, and into The Void…” Kanti paused. “Without malice, Monad placed his hand over Th’Rut’s forehead to spare him. Unaware of how to banish Th’Rut, Monad only managed to repel Aemon’s grip. 

The cloak, however, had already begun the process of separating from Monad; his regret, sorrow, despair, loneliness and rage were finally too much. The act of opposing the strong evil within tore the cloak from Monad’s being; energy released from the separation, attracted particles of Aemon’s essence from both realities.”

Th’Rut scrambles on the ground. A black pillar of light, outlined by a red aura, lifts Monad’s body into the sky. Waves of energy radiate from him, create massive gusts, shrouding Enlil, Kanti and Th’rut in the eye of dust storm. Specks of Aemon swarm Monad, burrowing into his chest. Once the dust settles, rubble and corpses extend far into the horizon. I cringe at how I imagine it must feel to have pieces of myself stretching, burning and tearing apart.

“Monad fell out of existence. His soul and physical being resonated at every possible wavelength simultaneously, traversing every plane, including the Meta, where he briefly encountered Achron and Etriyenne. The cloak rematerialized and Th’Rut joined Enlil and I find a new cloak bearer, once the Romans took over Pontus.”

Enlil, Kanti and Th’Rut pass the cloak to dozens of men and women who separate from it within days.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for the next chapter!

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