The Cloak of Nothing: Chapter 68

by Mark Figueroa aka Anthony Abyss | Featured Art by A Forgotten Pen at @theforgottenpen

Chapter 68: Kanti’s never-ending story.

“Eventually, a millennium and a half after, Monad materialized back in this reality. Enlil and I, along with the cloak bearers, had managed to steer mankind back into a golden age, of sorts. When we found him, there was an enlightened, but unsettling look in his eyes.” Kanti’s memories pour into my brain again.

“More!” I yell.

“Eighteen-hundred years?” Monad asks confused. “You mean one-thousand years? That explains the funny way people talk. Everyone’s a pseudo-philosopher, huh?” He laughs. 

Enlil’s blue hand covers her graceful lips. She laughs, reclining in a straw rocking chair overlooking an orchard. “Kanti, or shall I say, Immanuel.” Pausing, Enlil stares at me. My—Kanti’s hands are human. “Or, Kant, an extremely creative alias, decided to take what humans call a sabbatical. The cloak bearer is off in the West, establishing an enlightened nation, where man can be free.”

Monad interrupts with a laugh. “I’m just kidding. I was able to see everything. You know that won’t last long. They took people from my native land as slaves. A man in a wig landed, gave the order to rape, pillage and suppress the natives.” Monad sighs, stroking his long black hair and crossing his arms. “But, that isn’t important. These creatures cannot coexist. Even with our efforts, and all yours that followed, I am certain men on Earth are always going to find a way to destabilize harmony; a reason for strife. Even if man disregards race and religion, gender will be a line of distinction. And, in the off chance that biological gender somehow ceases to exist, despite the soul being male or female, man will find a way to categorize his suffering and use it to claim superiority… Ugh. Humans.”  

Kanti laughs, placing his hand on Monad’s shoulder. “My brother. We knew you would return. The only man capable of being better than human.”  They embrace on another. 

“Monad, pull up a chair,” Enlil says. 

“I’d hate to ruin the good time, Enlil. I know I just arrived, but my presence here was by mistake.” 

“What do you mean,” Kanti says handing Monad an Orange. “Veulent une Orange, mon ami?”

Monad laughs. “I sense that you spoke in another language, but it all sounds like the only one I know. I have no need for human food, Kanti; however, I will gladly accept the orange, my friend. 

I spoke with Sha-ik’Tael, and learned of Aemon. His fragments, though not conscious were able to absorb knowledge. He knows of Olacium and is quite aware of all that is occurring. Sha-ik’Tael can see through his eyes, as you can with each other. You know of the four cloaks, I presume. They are not essential to you, but I assure you there is a bigger picture here. My conversation with Sha-ik’Tael was timeless, though I felt that days had passed. 

She revealed that… Thus, the cloak of Nothing is under the two of you and Achron and Etriyenne. I am sure you know them well, being that Anubis was their Deus Magna…” Monad tells them everything I know about the cloak so far. “… capable of more, such as teleportation and inhabiting to places at once. The cloak bearer cannot consume human souls because… I was not special… negative energy… consuming one Nothing also… can be counteracted through banishment…” 

My god! I know all of this! Why do I have to sit through Kanti’s entire memory!

Kanti checks if I’m still listening. “It is because I miss him. This is the last memory I have where the three of us were together, and happy.” 

“Unfortunately,” Monad says staring at Kanti. “When I separated from the cloak, I lost my soul, thus have no resonance, yet I do resonate at every level.” Monad pauses and a breeze rustles his hair. “In manner of speaking, I do not exist. I am neither a physical being nor an astral entity, but at the same time, I am both; it is because of this, that the fragment of Aemon within me is dormant. There is no energy he can use a vehicle to consume others. I came to warn you, there are, and will be others born like me, but they will possess a soul. They will pose great danger to existence and must be destroyed at birth. They will be cursed, and curse those around them. Aemon can—”

“What?!” Who the hell does this guy think he is? “Were you seriously going to kill me?” 

“Young Emery, please— Never,” Kanti says. “Despite Monad’s claims, he fought the cloak bearers and turned on Enlil and myself at random moments. Monad began to keep his distance, appearing to assist us in teaching the cloak bearer how to use their second sight and open their third eye. At times, it was as though he were possessed, much like you. 

He finally disappeared for good, after aiding us in capturing a Nothing who took over one of the vilest men in this world’s history. The Nothing, despite being incredibly weak, engrained itself in many people, a massing an army that swept through Europe, claiming superiority.” Kanti pauses, and sits stoically over my bed. “Though he never named them, Monad mentioned beings beyond Sha-ik’Tael’s comprehension were after him, and also after Aemon. He wanted to live a normal human life before they took him. 

We thought it was absurd, but he had no resonance to trace so we decided to let the matter rest, assuming that he would return if anything occurred. But something did not feel right. Th’Rut eventually found Enlil and I; he told us Monad’s whereabouts, but stressed that Monad had gone completely mad, believing Enlil and I would destroy his child.”

“Did you?” Damn. I can understand his fear. I mean his kid was probably born soul-less, with no resonance, and a piece of Aemon in him.

“He was living in New York City, Th’Rut told us. He begged Enlil and I to stay away, that he only revealed this information in case we needed to get involved. Th’Rut claimed that another being was living inside Monad, and like him, it had no resonance. It was a truly nefarious entity, called The Wrong.” 

“The Wrong?… What kind of name…? Where do you guys just—”

“Please. This is serious. Despite Th’Rut’s fears I demanded he lead us to Monad. I believed Enlil and I could protect Monad. Come what may, I had no desire to strip him of his first born. Ignorantly, I also assumed that this creature, The Wrong, was of his own imagination since he had been alone for so long, and had exceeded man’s life expectancy over tenfold.”

I keep myself from speaking and judging Monad or Kanti. I try picturing what that torture Monad went through might be like— Aemon, and the other voice inside of me. 

“Unfortunately, Th’Rut listened to me. Monad’s mind was—I believe he had been doing all he was capable of.”

“W-What happened?” I ask eagerly, despite already know the answer.

“Well, despite my better judgement, and Th’Rut’s warnings—”

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