Silence sneaks in like a cat in the night. It taps over the concrete, swiping at corners and shiny objects. The black cat of darkness is a silent soliloquy of sadness. When it speaks the veil of the world exhales its wisdom. Lost on our ears, we suppress the knowledge of the ancients through unnecessary mortal toil.

Can we save ourselves or will our efforts wither and scatter in the trending breeze sponsored by today’s headlines?

You decide. I decide. We decide.

No one else is responsible for the weight of our decisions.

May your choices give you comfort when no one speaks.

May your decisions total the sum of your deeds, or lack thereof.

May you accurately reap what you sow.

If you do good, this doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

But, what is good?

Can it be taught?

Who is capable of it?

Why should they know it?

Haven’t read the first entry in Mark Figueroa’s “The Cloak of Nothing” series?

These topics, and more, are explored through the eyes of 13-year-old Emery.
His one purpose: save existence. No pressure, right?

Check it out. You’ll receive more than you lose. Share it with your most mindful friends.

Equivalent exchange of my effort for your entertainment.

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