The Cloak of Nothing: Chapter 73

by Mark Figueroa aka Anthony Abyss | Featured Art by A Forgotten Pen at @theforgottenpen

Chapter 73: The legend of Link? That’s really all it ever was.

Kanti materializes and looks down at me. “An unwanted guest is present; she seems weak, but I can sense she is concealing her energy. She is using a corpse as her vessel. I shall monitor the area from a distance to prevent more incoming threats. Whatever you do—.”

I see. That’s why he needs his energy back. “I know—do not engage. Th’Rut said it a million times.” I clutch Kanti’s crystalized energy. Should I really return this without banishing that Nothing? “If I banish her with your energy there isn’t a way other Nothing can sense me or Ae—” 

“The corpse it resides in will have a longer lasting effect on everyone present than simply ignoring her.” 

Crap—I didn’t even think of that. 

“This Nothing has not tried to attack or implant itself,” Kanti reveals. “It may believe it is human. Perhaps it took the body of stillborn child and only consumes negative resonance without consuming souls. Whatever the case, we cannot make rash decisions.” 

The light flips on and Eliza runs upstairs through the second steps from the living room that lead up to my room. A second set of heels follow her up. 

Kanti vanishes. 

Roslyn’s mom and Eliza look down at me, giggling as they help me up.

I should use my second sight to be sure if it’s them. I mean, I can feel that it’s my mom and another woman, but… Egh. That’s just lazy. Cloak bearer problems. 

“Yo Skag!” Arsen yells from the end of the hall, “I been searchin’ high and low for you, bro.  I have a few cans of V-C and Code Red for you, me, Andrew and the girls.”

“Girls?” I blurt out. “Is Roslyn here?” Do I smell good? Shit, I should brush my teeth! Or, wash my hands at least. Dammit—

“Well, Emery, I’m here,” Roslyn’s mom inserts from the staircase to my right. “She wouldn’t spend Christmas without her mother. So…?” she laughs. 

Eliza turns to Mrs. May, who’s easily a half foot taller. “Well, we should leave em to it. I need my draaank!”

“Amen!” Mrs. May says, adjusting her green v-neck. She looks like a taller, older Roslyn. She’s just not as radiant. 

Arsen walks over to me after they leave, greeting me with our secret handshake.


“Not much, man. Where the hell were you, Em’?” He analyzes my face for hesitation.

“Just grabbing my PS4…”

“I noticed the bathroom light was on, and the door was locked. It’s okay if you were dropping a deuce. There are six girls here. One of them is fifteen… she’ll be mature about it. Just don’t say it next to me. I don’t want to be associated with a party-pooper.” 

Arsen and I laugh. 

A warm sensation swirls in my chest as I open the door. I set my PS4 down and grab a vanilla coke from Arsen, before looking around the room. I’ll talk to Roslyn last, but who do I talk to first?

Andrew’s talking to a really pretty, tan brunette in a thin, white, long-sleeve shirt, a jean jacket cut off at the shoulders, and black, shin-high leather boots. She’s some type of Asian or white… I don’t want to mess his game up by staring too long. She is quite hot though.

There are two girls helping Arsen with the PS4 and the projector. 

“Monica,” Arsen calls out. 

Monica walks over to Arsen and giggles when he holds up a few of my video games and some DVDs. She’s in a tight, black skirt and a tank top too small for her build, but too big for her boobs. Monica’s leather jacket is most likely the one tossed over the bottom bunk. Pretty sure she’s the fifteen-year-old Arsen was ranting on about… 

Another girl walks over to Arsen and Monica. She’s dressed like Monica, but doesn’t have the same confidence. Her boobs are definitely bigger… Eh, but she looks and feels like a follower. Arsen and Monica ignore her. That settles it then, I’ll just call her Monica II.

Crystal, a pale Italian girl who lives a few houses down from Eliza is sitting left of Roslyn. Bright red lipstick makes her lips stand out. A pink streak runs down the right side of her silky blackish-brown hair. She’s having a conversation with Roslyn. They ignore the girl next to them.

The girl beside Roslyn looks at me and grins. She’s thin, tan, pretty well-figured with waist length, silky hair. Her face is pretty, but those black pits and white beads. Why does she keep looking at me? Could she make it any more obvious? I feel her from here. 

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for the next chapter!

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