Idle Idols: Part 1

By Mark Figueroa

It was Thursday. The last Thursday in February. It was cold, cloudy and windy. Fred sat in his car, watching Samantha. She held her son Robert and struggled to close the door behind her. Fred sighed. Samantha gave him the finger. She slapped the icy hood of the car and opened the door. Samantha sighed.

“What?” Fred grumbled. “What is it?”

“You tell me, motherfucker? You fucking saw me feezing my ass off and you didn’t do a God damn thing! You didn’t do a fucking thing, Fred. What the fuck?” Samantha said, cradling her daughter. “What the fuck, man…” she uttered. Her tears barely missing the infant’s face. Samantha sighed again and gave Fred a nasty look. “Fuck you.”

“Feeling’s mutual, Samantha,” Fred muttered. He pulled out of the parking lot. The car was silent. Samantha clutched the baby. Fred glanced at Samantha’s daughter, partially relieved, but mostly disappointed and disgusted. “You fucked us,” Fred said, groaning. “You royally fucked us. And, don’t even get me started on mo–“

“Waaaaaaaaaaaah! Waaaah!” The baby wailed, interrupting Fred. Samantha comforted her daughter. Fred sighed.

“How long, Sam? How did Mom find out?” Fred asked, scratching his beard. “I mean, Jesus, of all people… our stepdad? You fucked our fucking step dad, you stupid bitch!” Fred roared, breaking his composure.

“Ew, how about some sympathy for fuck’s sake! My mom died!” Samantha screamed.

“Our mom, asshole! OUR God damned mom committed suicide because you had her husband’s kid! We wouldn’t have fake ids and be fucking married to each other if you had some fucking sense! You did this shit, so fuck you and your peice of shit mentality!” Fred yelled, his fists squeezing the steering wheel. “I never thought we’d be going to Mom’s funeral because you drove her to kill herself.”

“Um, like, ew. First off, have some sympathy. Michael and I have been in love since I was a Jr in high school. I had his baby and I can’t take it back. We’re in love. Deal with it.”

“No, Sam, that’s not love. That’s rape. You were raped by our stepdad and no one knew about it. The fact that at 28 you just had his baby says a lot about how bad he really fucked you. This is fucked. This is some fucked shit,” Fred said, ignoring his sister and half-step-brother/nephew’s face. “He got us a new identity and pays us $20K a month to keep his secret. I would have been killed if I didn’t agree to this.”

“Well, we fucking live in Texas. What else can I do?” Samantha screamed. ” You can help me or— FRED! FRED! LOOK OUT!”

Fred looked up at a woman on the road. He swerved and crashed into the bushes. When he opened his eyes, he was in a small cottage. He wriggled his fingers and toes in the dark. “Sam?” He called out. No answer.


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