Idle Idols: Part 2

Samantha stumbled to her feet. She rubbed her eyes and nose in the dark. Still in shock, Samantha coughed and sneezed. Then, reality sunk in. Sam felt around for her daughter. She shuddered. Her hands shivered. Samantha called her daughter’s name, only silence whispered back.

“Fred?” Samantha said, talking through clutter she couldn’t see. “Fred!”

A light flickered on. Samantha shielded her sensitive eyes. How long was she in the dark? Where the hell was she? How did she get here?

“Welcome,” a soft voice quivered. It was gentle, caring and compassionate. “Welcome, littlest one. Welcome home. Welcome to where you belong,” the delicate voice whispered.

Samantha moved strange boxes and clutter out of her way. A large empty basement greeted her. She looked at a box she had set aside. “Ship High In Transit – The Matriarch – 1849,” she muttered. Her heart sank. Samantha looked for her daughter again rummaging through the mess around her. She ignored the soft-spoken stranger.

“It isn’t here. This isn’t a place for the pure,” The woman in white said, stepping down the basement stairs.

“Where am I?” Samantha asked, impatient, confused and visibly terrified. The woman’s beauty struck a nerve in Samantha. She was beautiful, but something about her was off. Try as she might, Samantha couldn’t get a look at her. The woman was like a fun house image. Every angle of her face was perfectly imperfect. There were subtle movements that Samantha couldn’t see, but knew were happening. “Who–who are you?”

A small child peeked out from behind the woman. It giggled. Its face made Samantha feel nauseus. Samantha didn’t know why, but she avoided looking at the child. The woman was strange, but that kid didn’t belong.

“Come upstairs. This basement is no place for the innocent. At least, not like the rest of this house,” The woman whispered. Her soft voice unshaven by the child pulling at her flowing white dress. “The Little Ones want you to come up. You are a Little One too.”

“Yeah, no thanks,” Samantha said, looking around for a window. She continued ignoring the woman in white and the small child. Samantha found a small dusty, rusted window and struggled to open it.

“There is no way out, except upstairs. Stay here if you like, child. When I leave, you’ll be trapped here until someone else opens the door and turns on the light,” the woman declared. Her face was still. Her lack of emotions made Samantha even more suspicious. ” Fred is there. Waiting.”


Thanks for reading! How are Sam and Fred connected to the Mantleans? Find out! Read my other content!

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