The Cloak of Nothing: Chapter 88

by Mark Figueroa aka Anthony Abyss | Featured Art by A Forgotten Pen at @theforgottenpen

Chapter 88: Telling the Truth.

Th’Rut washes the dishes after we eat. He looks so natural in that body. Even stranger, he’s genuinely happy listening to Eliza rambling on about her self-imposed stresses… Why is he here?  Are they… a thing? Is Th’Rut my father?

He walks over to Eliza, who’s sitting in the living room staring at a muted show on TV. Th’Rut plops down next to her wraps his arm around her shoulders.

“Jesus, can you wait till I leave the area at least?” I ask Eliza, muttering under my breath.

“Bullshit, bitch! Why should I… we… have to wait to express our passion, in my own damn house?” Eliza snaps. “If we decide to fuck, right here, right now, you have the option to stay and watch, and scream ‘this can’t be happening’ like a little pussy. Or, you can go the hell away.  

What you see and what you get exposed to for being a dumbass has nothing to with me, especially when you have enough goddamn sense to see the situation around you. If we start doing anything that makes you uncomfortable, fucking leave.  You aren’t my hostage, and my house has more than enough rooms to accommodate your little virgin dick. Pussy.”

Th’Rut lets out a nervous laugh. “…Eliza… I think he’s—”

“He’s what?” Eliza eyes stab him. “He’s what, Tameer? He’s in a position to dictate whether I make you go home or not, is that it? If that’s what you want, you can leave too. I’ll call someone else.”

Th’Rut cowers down to Eliza. “Well, I was just saying, he’s your nephew… maybe you could be a bit more nurturing while he’s away from his parents. His father—”

“Tameer,” Eliza begins. She holds his face in both of her palms and presses his cheeks. “You’re adorable, but you don’t know anything about his father, honey. So, do me a favor. And, shut the fuck up,” she says softly. “Now kiss me!”

I really don’t know how I feel about this… “Fine. Sorry, I’m going upstairs.”

“Are you sure, Emery?” Th’Rut says innocently. 

“He’s fine, Tameer. There are smart projectors and smart TVs all over the house. There’s weed, molly and booze everywhere. I still have dozens of quad-stacks of ecstasy. Let him be a kid and do whatever it is he does when no one’s around,” Eliza says nonchalantly. “Go Em’. Don’t kill our vibe.”

“Sure thing… I’m gone like a fart in big room.”

Eliza and Th’Rut laugh.

I go astral when I leave the living room and hover back beside Th’Rut. Lucky for me Eliza’s just rambling on about how much she loves me, and other trivialities.

“I know you can hear me.”

“I see what you’re sayin’,” Th’Rut says to Eliza as he looks at me.

“What are you doing here?”

“Do you understand what I mean? It’s so frustrating sometimes,” Eliza says.

Th’Rut nods, still keeping eye contact with me. “Sometimes you gotta’ keep the promises you make to old friends.”

How many promises can this guy make? Everything he does is a promise to an old friend! “Whatever, just don’t bone my mom while I’m here… It’s just weird now that I know she’s my mom…”  

Th’Rut poofs out of his human body. Even though his essence is undetectable, I can see his aura around Tameer. “Wouldn’t dream of it.  If my physical body enjoys the pleasures of mortal flesh while I’m not in it, it isn’t really me now is it?” His host body and Eliza carry a coherent conversation. “Don’t act so surprised. Tameer’s body is as old, or even older than New York City; I haven’t eaten a human in god knows how long.”

“I’m not surprised, it’s just creepy seeing your body move without you in it… or that body… I know it’s not yours, but you know what I mean.” 

“I’ve controlled entire civilizations, kid. This is just micro-multitasking—There’s really nothing to it.”

I shrug. “Ok. Anyway, Th’Rut, I’m curious about something… Why are you here?  I know you made a promise, but what’s the real reason…”

Th’Rut nods. “Well, I have it on good authority that an unwanted guest made a deal with you…”

Shit! Does he know about Aemon’s proposal? “What’d you mean?”

I can feel Aemon listening through my ears, and watching through my eyes.

“Call it a hunch, but your mind is completely blank… I can feel your presence, and eavesdrop on your thoughts from anywhere, but something changed yesterday.” He pauses.  “It just happened to be a coincidence that Tameer was invited over. And—look at them. You don’t think he’d want to get in on that if he were alive? I’m doing Tameer’s legacy a favor if I give you a sibling. Your mom is—”

“Ok, I really didn’t need to know that…” I sigh.

“On a serious note, this happened with Monad—I know it’s his doing.” Th’Rut looks down. “I don’t know what you might have been told, but I guarantee you, it isn’t true. Aemon is not to be trusted.” 

“I don’t know what you mean.” I respond coldly.

“Cut the crap. He’s hidden your emotions so you can think clearer too, huh? Look, use your head, kid. Tell me what he’s up to.” 

I glance at Eliza and see Aemon’s silhouette; his four eyes dare me as he places a misty palm on Eliza’s head. He isn’t audible, but I can sense what he’s saying. 

“I was—We… I—I—”

“His thoughts are his own and I expected it would only be a matter of time before an adept entity attempted to listen in; I taught Young Emery to conceal his thoughts,” Kanti says appearing beside me.  “Our actions are limited over the next few days. I am uncertain how much of Young Emery’s capabilities are natural and what comes from Aemon; there would be no telling what catastrophes may present themselves if a powerful Nothing, who meant to cause harm, would do if it discovered Emery’s location.”

“Do you listen to yourself, pooch?  You expect me to believe that a thirteen-year-old managed to conceal his hormonally-charged, mind? You and I can barely do that, and we can end life by breathing. Concealing his energy, absolutely, that’s plausible, given Emery’s talent, but his mind?” Th’Rut asks impatiently.  “Don’t insult my intelligence. You’re curious too. You keep forgetting our history. You really should think twice before deceiving me.”  Th’Rut hovers through the ceiling. “We can’t have our conversation here. I felt Aemon calling to Eliza,” he says.

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