The Cloak of Nothing: Chapter 90

by Mark Figueroa aka Anthony Abyss | Featured Art by A Forgotten Pen at @theforgottenpen

Chapter 90: Closing In.

“Why don’t we wa—”

Th’Rut elbows my face, and knocks me out of the sky. 

My body shifts spirit. “What the hell man?! That hurt! You gave me a nosebleed… You could’ve killed me!”

“Attack me,” Th’Rut says. “If I hit you in your physical form, you’ll die, so you better go astral and heal yourself!”

Shit! I roll out of Th’Rut’s way, his fist goes through the ground and he snaps his head to my direction.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I can’t do anything! All I can do is run from him! Oh crap…

Th’Rut’s hand stops a few inches from my chest. “A Nothing that has devoured humans can cause physical damage, being that you have the gift—and curse—of having both bodies united at all times, their attacks not only hurt you at a spiritual level, but will damage you physically as well.”  

“Raghhh! My whole body burns! Aghhhhh!” I collapse and my body twitches uncontrollably. My sight goes black then I see a soothing blue light radiating from the ground beneath me. I died? I sigh. 

“Emery!” Achron says cheerfully from a distance.

“Can’t talk Achron! Gotta’ go!” I warp to Th’Rut, who’s sitting cross-legged on Eliza’s lawn. “I think I can take another.”

Th’Rut looks at me and suspends my body in the air. “You shouldn’t warp back from the Meta in human form,” he says passively. He lifts me higher and hurls me face first into the concrete.

“Emery, welcome back,” Achron says. 


Achron waves his massive palm. “—Alright, alright, dear boy. See you later,” he says joyfully.

I warp back to where I died and stick my arm up, creating a wall of snow between Th’Rut and me. 

“Really?” he asks, as his arm reaches through the wall of snow and grabs my forearm, immediately reverting back to a physical being. Th’Rut yanks me through the wall of snow.

“Wait!” I stick my hands up and knock him back.  

“That’s what I’m talking about! Take my hits with the intent of fighting back, rather than just surviving!” He warps behind me. 

An area around my fists gets distorted, and sock him in the face, but he grabs my hand.

Th’Rut waves his hand. “There are two kinds of people in existence: those who persevere, meaning the ones who merely survive, and those—”

I warp out of his grip.

“Who—” He materializes in front of me and grabs the cloak by the collar.

“—Prevail!” I roar, using my energy to knock him back. Light surrounds my body.  

“There ya go, kid! Now you’re ready!” Th’Rut says, as a force slams me into the ground and kills me. Again.

Achron’s eyes look at me. “I knew you’d be at this exact spot. I amaze myself at times,” he laughs.

“Yea, yea,” I say warping back to the physical realm as an astral being. 

Th’Rut’s sitting cross-legged in the same spot. “Kanti did most of the fighting for you in Chicago. I was watching. Kanti’s Dummy, Mymud, isn’t on the same league as something that has devoured sentient essence. It can only attack you ethereally. Anything that can devour a soul, like I said before, can cause spiritual and physical damage.”

“I figured as much… so divines have more limitations, right?”

“Sort of. Unless they can resonate higher than Latrulians or lower than an Onthiem.”

Kanti’s red eyes briefly flash in my mind. “Wait? Latrulian?” 

“Yeah. Creatures that resonate higher than anything in existence, as far as most know… exactly like the Nothing, but in reverse. They’re too full of their own shit to recognize existence is bigger than them. They aren’t important, for now. Ready to fight?”

Aren’t important for now? There might be some truth to what Aemon said. Shit. Is this the right thing to do? “Yea, I’m ready,” I blankly respond.

“Your emotions are still gone, but everything you think is visible again, f-y-i. So be careful when you hit the City.” 

I nod. “Are you coming?”

Th’Rut pauses and gives me a devious look. “After I put your mom to bed!”

… Of course.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for the next chapter!

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