About Beau Noir

Beau Noir is the exclusive home of fascinating, original content set in a dark, fantasy universe filled with the ramblings of a pseudo-philosopher who loves all things with an ABV.

My first novel, “The Cloak of Nothing,” is in the final stages and will be released this year. For now, I am trying to build an audience and force myself to write regularly while gaining some social media traction. That said, stories related to the cloak will be tagged as “TCONR,” but it’s up to you, the reader to figure out how. Stories not related to the cloak series will be tagged “NTCONR” for simplicity.

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About Me 

Like my idol, Rod Serling, more than anything in this life, I want to give the world beautiful, yet dark, philosophical-fiction, fantasy content across all media platforms, by creating an entirely new genre, Beau(tiful) Noir. I believe creative content should inspire curiosity while expanding the limits of conscious thought and dialogue. 

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Feel free to contact me at: mark@beaunoirmedia.com

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