Idle Idols: Part 1

By Mark Figueroa It was Thursday. The last Thursday in February. It was cold, cloudy and windy. Fred sat in his car, watching Samantha. She held her son Robert and struggled to close the door behind her. Fred sighed. Samantha gave him the finger. She slapped the icy hood of the car and opened the … Continue reading Idle Idols: Part 1

HP: Another Day at the Office

(Dinner with Friends | High Value Target) "So, what do we know so far?" Howard asks, squeezing a red rubber ball in Philip's side of their office. Philip examines a wall with Kalcyphir's picture in the center and shoves his hands in his pockets, sighing. "Well, Howard, to be honest, as of right now, we … Continue reading HP: Another Day at the Office

HP: High Value Target

( Dinner with Friends ) Philip fumbles with his tie clasp, while Howard slouches over the rickety, wooden table, eating what could quite possibly be considered the worst hamburger ever made. Howard never asked for a partner, much less one so dull-witted and painfully unimaginative. Bureaucracy doesn't speak the language of comfort however. It only … Continue reading HP: High Value Target